Technical Chemistry - Art & Science Visualization

Head: ao. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Bernhard Pichler
The Technical Chemistry Department is a competence centre for the development of methods of investigating the effectiveness (both the protective effects and also the visual changes) of conservation measures through the transfer of appropriate material alterations by means of related testing on models in virtual space.

In addition, preparations are being made for the creation of a competence centre for the visualisation of dynamic, microscopic procedures though accelerated weathering using SEM (scanning electron microscope) and CGI (computer generated images), in order to pinpoint material corrosion at an early stage and thus determine durability with regard to applications in the design, architecture (AMP project) and conservation fields. Research focuses on the development of protective patinas for copper roofs, as well as the corresponding patinating methods, which facilitate sheet patination both prior to and after laying, research into historical materials and the revival of their production techniques using modern technological possibilities (e.g. Roman cementing), and the development of alternative material conservation products to replace the natural products currently in use where resources are approaching exhaustion (e.g. new adhesives instead of sturgeon glue).

Students from various disciplines are provided with the latest insights derived from these research results, as well as the communication of metallurgical science in the form of lectures and practical exercises. The preparation of new types of teaching methods on the basis of he interactive use of virtual material models is and will remain part of the curriculum.